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Available Leases

2023-2024 Available leases

The way we structure our leases are unlike any other land management company you have ever seen. We have engineered a sure fire way to make you get the most bang for your buck. We have three available lease packages that are offered to either individuals and or groups. Detailed below are the options you and or your group are offered, make sure to book fast, we are already not offering our 3rd tier lease packages for the remainder of this season.

top Tier 1 all-sportsman package

Our number 1 option includes waterfowl hunting rights for up to 20 different hunting locations. Coming with a mixture of pits, timber holes, and open water we offer you a season long lease that enables you to hunt multiple places all year long. This option includes multiple spots across North East Arkansas right in the prime location for the best waterfowl hunting in the world. The All-Sportsman Package is $35,000. No one is offering more property or even more quality hunting land for this kind of price. Remember, 20 different hunting locations comprised of pit leases, timber holes, and open bodies of water. Give us a call for the All-Sportsman Package today!

Tier 2 All-waterfowl Package

The All-Waterfowl Package is nothing to shake a stick at, this is a Duck Hunters’ paradise when it comes down to it. This option includes 12 different hunting spots. Pits, open water, and timber holes included; you and your group get to hand pick what you want to hunt all year long, all for just $25,000. The way we structure your opportunity benefits you the most because you can come and hunt the property of your choice when you want to.

Tier 3 All-North East Arkansas Package – SOLd out