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Opening Weekend Goose Hunt

Arkansas Duck leases

We had our first goose and teal hunt of the season this past weekend (9/15/22), on our Arkansas duck lease! It was an absolute blast, we had guys from Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, Arkansas, and Missouri! We hunted on our own custom lease. (What really makes Arkansas Ducks Leases the best.)

We saw several groups of geese fly through and shot a total of 4 birds, the guys had a great time, and we were able to get some drone footage along with hunting videos and photos! I’ll post some more below.

The hunt was a blast for a couple of reasons:

Perfect Weather

We had some of the best weather for an opening hunt that I’ve seen. Started the morning off at about 3:00am to brush our blinds with a great temperature of 65 degrees or so.

As we were brushing blinds the temperature was amazing, although pretty humid (which means sweat was falling) it still made great weather. The guides were super helpful with getting everything set up and ready, between brushing blinds and setting up decoys it took a full 2 hours before daylight to get set up.


Who you share Arkansas duck leases with matters most. The people you’re around is everything. We had an absolute blast with the guides and clients. We laughed, learned, enjoyed telling stories altogether. It was a lot of fun.

Duck hunting with the right people makes the hunt so much better. These were down home good folks who respect who you are as a person.

Land actually leased

The land that we’ve secured for the next several years is gorgeous. Several huge bodies of water with some really nice, marshy land inviting all sorts of water fowl from everywhere. A lake fully stocked with bass, cat fish, gar, and more is ripe for the enjoyment of water fowl hunting.

Living legend from echo calls

We ended off our opening weekend with the living legend himself Mr. Rick Dunn from Echo Calls. World Champion duck caller and CEO of Echo calls. We had the privilege to learn how to trim back a call and what allows calls to make more volume. Rick was gracious enough to invite us in to learn more about how to make a call realistic, and how to execute volume.

Perhaps the best part about our visit was that he personally engraved 3 duck calls for our owner Jake Ellis and 2 guides, Ethan and Etian.

Overall it was a once in a life-time experience.

Video from opening weekend